Overhauling its position in the market place

In a market that has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, it makes sense that Hunters Fitment would participate and attend the Swartkops BMW race day, BMW Day @ The Glen & Wheels ‘n Smoke, keeping our team in the know with current trends in the industry.

We believe the days of waiting for footfall to come through your door is a stale and redundant thought process. We have changed our business focus and believe that being present at these sorts of events will place us directly in front of our clients.

With increased competition, and a lot of smaller operations opening their doors the automotive industry has become a lot more challenging with all business owners needing to re-look their old ways of business operations.

These are but a few of the events that Hunters Fitment will be participating in to position themselves in line with their business objectives, so watch this space for more info on upcoming events.

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